52. Biennale di Venezia

National Participations, Estonian Pavilion


Estonia open his first participation to the Biennale di Venezia and, in this occasion, the artists of Kursi Kool Kond Artists Group have obtained a collateral pavilion at the Galleria d'Arte III Millennio.

Once again the Galleria d'Arte III Millennio is pleased to organize an exhibition of some artists coming from east Europe. First time was on 2004 when there was the group exhibition dedicated to an authoritative and large delegation of bulgarian artists. In that occasion we showed great worth works. I remember names as Blazhev, Roussev , Katsamunski, Yanakiev, Pamuckiev. As it was then today I return to consider the eastern Europe fertile of young talented and shelter for great artists. When I was in Moscow, ten years ago I made a remark. A lot of people, when visit soviet regime's countries, they linger over the differences of life style, of daily comsumer. People generally compare the western habits with those of eastern, and they exalt these common differences. In that way you stay on the surface. Is there somebody who thinks that in all those countries closed by the iron curtain the attention to music poetry dance and art is notably most lively? Pochi leggono libri in Italia, quanti di noi leggono poesie? Ebbene nell'Europa dell'est si vendono libri di poesie e si leggono poesie, e si va spesso a teatro per esigenze culturali e non per dar sfoggio di se stessi. In Italy too few people listen to classic music, a lot of young people listen to classic music in the eastern countries. A lot of people in the eastern countries dedicate themself to dance with spirit of sacrifice and a lot dedicate to painting and sculpture with a real spiritual need and not only with the myth of fame and looking the fast way to success. When I was in Bulgary two years ago, I made the same consideration. Maybe we should make a reflection about what is an arretrate society.